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Our Opportunities

Our Travelling program ranges from normal school admission, scholarship, working visa in Europe, Uk and Asia.

We also help footballers secure semi-Pro and Professional contract in Europe.

Contact us to explore our various travelling opportunities.

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Enrollment Ongoing

Enrollment for universities in countries like Belgium, USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Canada etc.

Application made easy

We go through the hassle of applications on behalf of our clients

Jobs for Nurses

There are various types of jobs for nurses and other medical practitioners in the UK and Europe

Jobs for Caregivers

There are also jobs for caregivers with little or no experience or necessary educational background. The key criteria for qualification here is Patience, Compassion and Empathy.

International Conferences

There exists various types of international conferences in different parts of the world.

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Canadian Visa Categories

Care Givers

Work temporarily or apply to become a PR through a program for caregivers

Work Permit

Work as a temporary worker, while you’re a student, caregiver, or other.

Study Permit

Study at one of Canada’s designated learning institutions.

Visitor Visa

Visit and travel within Canada for up to six months.

International Mobility Program

Work as a temporary foreign worker without a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Family Class

Prepare to sponsor a relative to live, study or work in Canada.

Experience Class

A permanent residence category for people with skilled work experience in Canada.

Skilled Workers and Trade

Explore the possibility of becoming a PR based on qualifications for a skilled trade.

Provincial Nominees

Learn more about a program for workers with skills specific to a province or territory.

Business Class

Obtain permanent residency in Canada under the Business Immigration Program.

Immigrate to Quebec

Learn more about Quebec’s very own migration rules.